NCT Cambridge Branch Nearly New Sale


The NCT Cambridge Nearly New Sale is for the resale of quality equipment, toys and clothing, to raise funds for NCT Cambridge to continue providing valuable support for parents with young children.


To raise as much money as possible for NCT Cambridge branch whilst boosting use of reusable items.


The Cambridge NCT Nearly New Sale is a great chance to pick up all those essentials you need for your baby (and older children too) at a bargain price, while knowing that you're helping your local branch raise funds at the same time. You can also register to sell things your children have grown out of and clear some space for your sale purchases!

General information

To register as a seller, click the 'Register' tab on the menu above.


The sale always needs volunteers to help set up, process sales and help tidy up afterwards. You will be able to shop before everyone else at a volunteers only session as a thank-you, as well as getting a warm glow for knowing you've helped the event be a success! Email to get involved.

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