NNS Seller Registration FAQs

When is the next sale?

Saturday 30th September 2023 2:00-4pm at Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedge Road, Cambridge CB4 2QT.

How does the Nearly New Sale work? Is it a table-top sale?

Some NCT nearly new sales are "tabletop" sales - but NOT this one. Cambridge NCT nearly new sale is one of the biggest in the country and to manage the number of items, sellers and buyers we ask sellers to

The sale volunteers sort and display the items for sellers and if you are a seller you do not need to be present at the sale. Using your seller number on the item label we know the value of your items that sold and will pay you via BACS or a cheque for your proceeds shortly after the sale.

How can I sell my stuff at the sale?

  1. Register to sell at this website! It costs just £5.
  2. We will then send you a seller pack with full instructions for selling and labels for you to complete and attach to your items for sale.
  3. On the morning of the sale, bring your items to Cambridge Regional College where our volunteers will sort them and present them for sale. The sale is open to the public 2-4pm.
  4. After the sale, our volunteers will re-sort remaining items into bags for each seller. You return to collect your items in the late afternoon.
  5. Within a month you will receive a cheque for 70% of the price of all sold items, NCT takes a 30% commission (plus the £5 seller registration fee) which goes towards the charity's work supporting local mums and dads, preparing them for birth and early parenthood.

Please note, you do NOT need to be present at the sale.

When do I register to be a seller at the sale?

Registration is open now and will be available until all seller places are filled, or until 2 weeks before the sale, whichever is later.

What does seller registration cost?

£5 paid as part of the seller registration process.

What happens when I've registered?

When you have registered and paid £5 you will receive a seller pack by email which gives you full instructions for selling and includes labels for you to use to price your items.

What can I sell?

Clean, good quality items such as baby and children's clothes, toys, equipment and books can all be sold.

The following items can be sold, provided they meet the requirements:

What cannot be sold?

It is your responsibility to ensure that goods you are selling are safe and fit for purpose. In order to protect NCT, our the sellers and our customers, the following items will not be accepted at the sale:

How much can I sell?

If this is your first sale there are no limits on the number of items you may sell.

If you have sold before you are limited to the following:

Please observe these restrictions if it is your second or subsequent sale - we reserve the right to restrict the number of items being sold on the day.

How much goes to sellers and how much to the NCT charity?

For all of your items that sell, you will receive 70% of the sale price. NCT takes a 30% commission (plus the £5 seller registration fee) which goes towards the charity's work supporting local mums and dads, preparing them for birth and early parenthood.

What prices should I put on my items?

You decide on the pricing. There are no "rules" - price depends on how much a seller wants to sell an item and how much they value it. Saleability on the day is dependent on what is available and how keen buyers are to acquire a particular item.

Please remember you will receive 70% of the price of items sold, the remaining 30% goes to NCT.

What happens on sale day?

Your seller pack will give full instructions, but briefly:

  1. Bring your labelled items to Cambridge Regional College between 8:45am and 10am. Our seller coordinator will book you in and our volunteers will sort your items onto rails and tables for selling. You do not need to stay.
  2. The sale takes place 2:30-4pm after which all remaining items are re-sorted into bags for each seller. You then come back to Cambridge Regional College at the time specified in your seller pack to collect those items.

Do sellers get early entry to the sale?


If you would like to volunteer to help on the day of the sale you can register to do so by clicking on the following link Register to Help. New volunteers are always welcome - without our volunteers we couldn't run the sale and consequently we thank them with a preview shop before the sale opens.

NCT members can enter the sale at 1.45pm. Everyone else can enter at 2pm. Entry is by £1 donation to the NCT Cambridge branch.

What happens if I can't/don't pick my unsold stuff up at the end of the day?

We reserve the right to increase the commission rate for your sold items to 40% for not collecting your items. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity in the week following the sale.

When do I get my proceeds from the sale?

You will be paid via BACS (if you have entered your bank details) or a cheque will be posted to you within one month of the sale.

What do I do if I have a question that's not answered here?

You can post questions on http://www.facebook.com/NctCambridgeNNS